What is bodylanguage?

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Bodylanguage, is that something i can learn?

Bodylanguage is a hot item nowadays. In movies, series and books, but also in the dating field nonverbal communication is used on a very regular basis, but most people dont even recognize it. Thou bodylanguage (or nonverbal communication) is used more then verbal communication and its universal, meaning the nonverbal signs used in Europe are roughly the same as the bodylanguage used in, for example, China. A smile is a smile and a laugh is a laugh, and it means the same in Tokio as in Washington or Berlin.

But what is bodylanguage?

It is all about one thing: trying or learning to ‘read’ people and their behaviour.

Ofcourse you can learn to read and recognize bodylanguage, but its more then just a ten point checklist!

There are so many things you can take into account when you try to read a person’s bodylanguage, like the differences between men and women. For people you just meet it is alot harder to understand their body language, and its much dependent on the context you meet some one in. When people are in groups and communicate with each other, there is alot more to discover about the people then just the gestures they make or the way they stand or hold their arms.

And that is why is so much fun to learn to read bodylanguage. There is always something new to discover, new researches, new information and new insights. And there a re many fields where you can get information about bodylanguage, like psychology, pedagogy and phrenology. And all of these fields relate, so all the knowledge you gain in a subject can help you to understand bodylanguage better.

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