To improve body language

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You might be wondering how you can get started with improving your non-verbal communication. That’s why in this section we’re going to cover the three major areas where I see many guys make mistakes. If you have trouble with demonstrating a high status personality, then I recommend you first work on these areas. You’ll find that  making a few simple adjustments can have an immediate improvement to the signals thatyou’re sending women… Read more

The nonverbal side of online marketing – part 2

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#3 Soothing Typography for your website

People are accustomed to great typography thanks to decades of big-mediatextual content like newspapers and books. So, if you’re producing web content, you must meet these ingrained psychological expectations or risk losing visitors and customers before they finish reading two sentences. And this is why typography is the 3rd element of Nonverbal Website Intelligence.

Now I could talk about line heights, letter spacing, and other jargon like that, but it won’t make much sense to many of you (or me). It’s better to leave that stuff to professionals because it takes years to learn and master. Instead, I’ll teach you how typography communicates with people “under the radar. ”For example, there’s a perfect font for increasing website readability andI’ll tell you what it is. There’s also a font that gets customers thinking “highprices,” and I’ll tell you about that too!

Before we continue, that jargon stuff I mentioned earlier is vital for website usability. If you use the Thesis Theme for WordPress, it’s taken care of “outof the box.” If you don’t, you should hire a professional designer who’s spent years learning the perfect way to present text. Ready? Let’s get into it!
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