A leader doesnt show that much bodylanguage

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How can you read bodylanguage and what gestures should you use to present yourself as a decisive leader?

What you say isnt that important, im sure you heard that before. Research in the sixties shows that communication is mostly about nonverbal communication, about 55%. 38% of the communication is about intonation, and only a small 7% is about the words that come out of your mouth. So the conclusion is that your speech can be very interesting, but if you send other signals with your body, the message wont arrive at the listeners.

Time to change

By learning bodylanguage, you can change small amounts of your presence, when you are in the company of others. Please dont expect big changes, but there are small victories to be made. One way to accomplish this, is throu NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. In three easy staps you can make a plan for youself:
1. observe the current situation, how do you behave in very specific situations?
2. Make sure what you want to change and create an image of you wishes and goals.
3. Go practise these goals and wishes in day to day situations.

Less is more?

People with high positions in companies often dont show too many nonverbal signs. They think they can make a serious impression while doing so, but often they just give the impression of being stiff.
But still, you can learn alot from these managers. When you use alot of gestures yourself, there is a big chance that you wont be seen as a responsible, dominant and balanced person. But these are the characteristics people want to see in their managers.
Try watch yourself and see if you use your hands and arms alot when you communicate. Cause if you dont, and just stand there like a tree when you need to give a speech, you’ll be seen as dull and stiff, which wont do you any good.

How to recognize a leader?

As true leaders use their body language so minimal, how can you recognize a true leader? That’s in the small details. Please note the next time you shake someone’s hand. Who’s hand is on top? Or who has his thumb on top in a couple that go hand in hand when they make a strole?
Another detail in which you recognize a true leader is when you walk with someone: Who sets the first step, who is slightly ahead when you walk side by side and who directs the way to walk, even if the other one is walking slighty ahead?


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