Basic gestures and their origins

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Most of the basic communication gestures are the same all over the world. When people are happy they smile; when they are sad or angry they frown or scowl. Nodding the head is almost universally used to indicate ‘yes’ or affirmation. It appears to be a form of head lowering and is probably an inborn gesture, as it is also used by deaf and blind people. Shaking the head from side to side to indicate ‘no’ or negation is also universal and may well be a gesture that is learned in infancy.

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How can you tell a girl likes you?

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Do you know HOW to flirt? Do you know if you ARE flirting (could you be accidentally flirting)?

The following actions are considered to be REAL flirting indicators – check them out and see if you’re sending (and receiving) the right message: Read more

How can you tell a guy likes you?

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If your asking if a guy likes you, here is a list with some pointers. These are some of the more subtle clues – keep your eyes open – you may have more guys flirting with you than you realize!!!

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To improve body language

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You might be wondering how you can get started with improving your non-verbal communication. That’s why in this section we’re going to cover the three major areas where I see many guys make mistakes. If you have trouble with demonstrating a high status personality, then I recommend you first work on these areas. You’ll find that  making a few simple adjustments can have an immediate improvement to the signals thatyou’re sending women… Read more

The nonverbal side of online marketing – part 2

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#3 Soothing Typography for your website

People are accustomed to great typography thanks to decades of big-mediatextual content like newspapers and books. So, if you’re producing web content, you must meet these ingrained psychological expectations or risk losing visitors and customers before they finish reading two sentences. And this is why typography is the 3rd element of Nonverbal Website Intelligence.

Now I could talk about line heights, letter spacing, and other jargon like that, but it won’t make much sense to many of you (or me). It’s better to leave that stuff to professionals because it takes years to learn and master. Instead, I’ll teach you how typography communicates with people “under the radar. ”For example, there’s a perfect font for increasing website readability andI’ll tell you what it is. There’s also a font that gets customers thinking “highprices,” and I’ll tell you about that too!

Before we continue, that jargon stuff I mentioned earlier is vital for website usability. If you use the Thesis Theme for WordPress, it’s taken care of “outof the box.” If you don’t, you should hire a professional designer who’s spent years learning the perfect way to present text. Ready? Let’s get into it!
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The nonverbal side of online marketing – part 1

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The 5 Invisible Forces Behind Effective Online Marketing

Inside this report, I’m going to explain to you how you can influence people on your website or webshop with what I call Nonverbal Website Intelligence. Before we get started, I want you to know that these tactics will work across the board – from professional blogging… to small local businesses… to Fortune 100 companies. How do I know these strategies work? Because I’ve spent the last 5 years studying how people react when they hit websites, and I’ve discovered these proven nonverbal methods that influence people online.Lo ng story short, by the time you’re done reading this report, you’ll know these 5 key elements and how to use them to improve your website instantly.

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Developing strong bodylanguage

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Gaining a confident look is not just about eliminating weak body language. Actually it’s more important to focus on developing traits that are attractive to women. So instead of being overly concerned with what you’re doing wrong, it’s often easier to concentrate on displaying a dominant social appearance with your body language.

If you study a strong male personality and his body language, you’ll notice how he demonstrates a number of qualities that make him attractive. Without saying a word, this guy tells women that he’s an interesting guy that they want to meet. In this section, we’re going to discuss 13 of these bodylanguage traits. These are the most important forms of non-verbal communication that send a powerful message to women.
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Gestures and their meaning

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A list with often used gestures and poses and their meaning.


Brisk, erect walk



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18 tips to improve your body language

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Working on your body language isnt that hard as you may thing. Ofcourse, you can always dive in the details, but in this article are some simple tips you can easily start using.

1. Smile and laugh

Lighten up, don’t take yourself too seriously. Relax a bit, smile and laugh when someone says something funny. People will be a lot more inclined to listen to you if you seem to be a positive person. But don’t be the first to laugh at your own jokes, it makes you seem nervous and needy. Smile when you are introduced to someone but don’t keep a smile plastered on your face, you’ll seem insincere.

2. Have eye contact, but don’t stare

If there are several people you are talking to, give them all some eye contact to create a better connection and see if they are listening. Keeping too much eye-contact might creep people out. Giving no eye-contact might make you seem insecure.

If you are not used to keeping eye-contact it might feel a little hard or scary in the beginning but keep working on it and you’ll get used to it.
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Making a good impression throu your voice intonation

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A lot times, it’s not the words you say that’s attractive to women. It’s how you say them. A man with a confident and powerful voice can be very seductive a woman. Someone like this doesn’t even really to say that much. With just that sound of voice, he can easily attract women.

The way you speak to a woman can often determine your success. Developing a powerful voice can be an incredible way to demonstrate a naturally attractive vibe. When a woman is turned on by how you say stuff, you won’t have to work as hard at thinking of stuff to talk about. As a result, it’s important to work on your speech, and develop a good intonation.

In order to develop this behavior, here are four areas that you need to concentrate on :

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