How can you tell a guy likes you?

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If your asking if a guy likes you, here is a list with some pointers. These are some of the more subtle clues – keep your eyes open – you may have more guys flirting with you than you realize!!!

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To improve body language

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You might be wondering how you can get started with improving your non-verbal communication. That’s why in this section we’re going to cover the three major areas where I see many guys make mistakes. If you have trouble with demonstrating a high status personality, then I recommend you first work on these areas. You’ll find that  making a few simple adjustments can have an immediate improvement to the signals thatyou’re sending women… Read more

Belbin Team Roles – the Plant

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Dominant, very high intelligence and often introverted. The man with the sudden ideas. ‘Implanted’ in quiet teams to generate creativity: he makes the new openings. A Plant calls resistances due to lack of practical sense and his critical attitude towards ‘stupidity’.

The Plant is the innovator, the inventor. The creative thinker, whose ideas and alternatives are distinguished by originality and imagination. He is looking for space to fantasize, to develop strategies and scenarios for the future design and constantly surprising new solutions to old problems. Read more

Belbin team roles

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A team is not a random bunch of people with different functions, but a group of people, each with its own role that is clear for the other team members. Team members consciously seek certain roles and they function optimally in the role that fits their naturally best.

If you learn how to ‘read’ the team roles people have, its a lot easier to interpret the nonverbal signals they send. Read more

How to act to look busy at work

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Non verbal communication can be used at your benefit at aswell. For example when your working, you can give people a whole other impression of yourself when you use your body language in the right way. If your having a bad day, or just wanna relax a bit from the daily stress, here are a few tips to give the idea to others that your very busy.


Make sure your desk is full.

People tend to keep their office desk clean. It sure looks nice when people enter your office and you got it clean and tidy. But if your desk would be full of books, papers and memo’s you give people a whole other impression. If your desk is full, it gives the idea that your very busy working on something.

And make sure the door of your office is open, so people can see your full desk. Read more

A guy’s bodylanguage is harder to understand

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As you may know, men arent too good in speaking about their feelings. Usually you can notice a (slight) difference in their behaviour, but its very hard to find out what its about. Especially when you got the idea that their is something on their mind, you ask for it and get the same answer over and over: ‘what do you mean, I feel fine, its nothing’. And I agree, men arent the easiest to be around with if you consider the ‘talk about feelings’ area. Therefor its a good thing we have body language to decypher what is going on in their minds, because bodylanguage reveals alot more then you would imagine.

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Learn your baby’s bodylanguage

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It can be really hard to understand a baby. They cant express themselves by language yet since they haven learned any words yet. And for strangers its really hard to understand what a baby really wants. If your a mother, you’ll learn the bodylanguage of your baby very quick, but for the other family members it can be frustrating not to understand what your baby means. And a baby sit often doenst have a clue at all.

Most people think babies can only express themselves by crying. When they need something, like food or a drink, or when they feel pain or tired, sometimes it seems that all a baby can do is cry. But this isnt true at all, a baby has many ways to communicate its needs, you just need to pick up the signals.

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Interpersonal attraction

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Interpersonal attraction between two persons has different levels. You can feel attracted (or feel sympathy to use another word) to a person, but dont feel love for him or her, but you like the person and maybe a friendship grows out of it.

When you find some one attractive, you will show it in your non verbal behaviour and communication. You look more at him or her when you conversate, your pupils get enlarged, your posture and gestures are focused more on him or her. You can tell if people are attracted to each other when they talk to each other by watching their bodylanguage. When they find each other attractive, their legs and bodies are pointed to another. It even happens that they exclude other people in their surroundings from their conversation.

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Whats the use for a baby to learn nonverbal communication?

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Maybe your baby cant speak yet, it can make alot of it needs clear to you with nonverbal language. Gestures are a form of communicating they know very well.

The average child start to speak its first words between the 13th and 18th month, but the communication starts alot earlier. Crying is a form of communication, but rubbing its eyes and sucking on its hands counts as communication as well. With a bit of experience you may tell what your baby is trying to make clear to you. Is it hungry or tired? The older a child gets, the more needs it gets. In stead of only communicating when its tired or hungry, it will try to make clear what kind of food it prefers or with what materials it wishes to play.
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