How can you tell a girl likes you?

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Do you know HOW to flirt? Do you know if you ARE flirting (could you be accidentally flirting)?

The following actions are considered to be REAL flirting indicators – check them out and see if you’re sending (and receiving) the right message: Read more

Making a good impression throu your voice intonation

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A lot times, it’s not the words you say that’s attractive to women. It’s how you say them. A man with a confident and powerful voice can be very seductive a woman. Someone like this doesn’t even really to say that much. With just that sound of voice, he can easily attract women.

The way you speak to a woman can often determine your success. Developing a powerful voice can be an incredible way to demonstrate a naturally attractive vibe. When a woman is turned on by how you say stuff, you won’t have to work as hard at thinking of stuff to talk about. As a result, it’s important to work on your speech, and develop a good intonation.

In order to develop this behavior, here are four areas that you need to concentrate on :

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Signs that show personal relations

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There is alot of signs to see if two people have some kind of bond with each other. The easiest one to spot is the distance between the bodies of two people. When they sit, walk and / or stand close to each other, there is a big chance they have some kind of relation. They enter the personal space, which we know is mostly for close relations like intimates, children and family.

But it can be misleading aswell. We see other people often in crowded places, so and close proximity can be misleading in situations like this. Of when a young person is helping an old woman across the street, what can you tell about them? The change that they are, lets say lovers, is really small, but still they move close to one another. Or maybe they are just family. And there is two men who are walking close on the side of the street can be old friends or just one guy explaining the other guy (a complete stranger) the way to the nearest metro station. Read more

Territorial Behaviour part 3: the Personal Space

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We all carry it with us, everywhere we go. A portable territory called a Personal Space. It is the region surrounding a person which they regard as psychologically theirs. For every person this range is different. open, social people let people come physically closer then a, from nature more scary person. Most people value their personal space and feel discomfort, anger, or anxiety when their personal space is encroached. Those of us who have to spend a great deal of time in crowded conditions become gradually better able to adjust, but no one can ever become completely immune to invasions of the Personal Space.

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A leader doesnt show that much bodylanguage

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How can you read bodylanguage and what gestures should you use to present yourself as a decisive leader?

What you say isnt that important, im sure you heard that before. Research in the sixties shows that communication is mostly about nonverbal communication, about 55%. 38% of the communication is about intonation, and only a small 7% is about the words that come out of your mouth. So the conclusion is that your speech can be very interesting, but if you send other signals with your body, the message wont arrive at the listeners.

Time to change

By learning bodylanguage, you can change small amounts of your presence, when you are in the company of others. Please dont expect big changes, but there are small victories to be made. One way to accomplish this, is throu NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. In three easy staps you can make a plan for youself:
1. observe the current situation, how do you behave in very specific situations?
2. Make sure what you want to change and create an image of you wishes and goals.
3. Go practise these goals and wishes in day to day situations.

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A silence can say alot

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When we have a conversation, sometimes a silence drops. And it always has a meaning, even when nothing is said. We can skip words and complete sentences and still know what isnt said.  So its not remarkable that there are alot of silences, and all with different meanings.

Every one knows that a conversation is more than a collection of words. The intonation, the speed of speaking and gestures made are a big part of our daily communcation as well. So if you compare this nonverbal communication with silences, they may not always be remarkable, or you dont notice them at all, but they are part of the conversation. Sometimes a silence can be a replacement for a whole sentence. Here is an example you might recognize:

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Laughing and smiling in commercials

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In commercials, you always see people laughing. This is done for a reason: the more a person smiles, the more atractive the person becomes, and the more attractive the product becomes that is presented in the commercial.

Smiling people sell better, thats an old saying in the creation of commercials. The faces on the covers on the magazines in the kiosks look with a laughing face at the costumers, trying to get their attention. A human face plus a laugh is an old sales trick. Even the classical music industry uses this rule. On cd covers of classical music cd’s and dvd’s we often see a singer or conductor smiling.

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The human laugh, an introduction

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Laughing, what does it mean and why cant we do without it? If you look from a distance to people who are cheerful and observe their bodylanguage, then it takes notice that a laugh is a remarkable expression: the eyes become little wrinkles, the mouth opens up to become a huge whole. The shoulders move up and down and often laughing people bring their hands towards their faces. Apart from this, laughing gives us a good feeling, it works in a relaxing way, it lowers stress levels and it can even prevail that we get infections.

So in a nutshell: laughing is really healthy and it is liberating. Duchenne, a pioneer in facial expressions, calls the laugh the sweet emotion of the human soul.

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What is communication?

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Globally, you can speak of communication when some body tries to influence another person by transferring information. This happens amongst people aswel as animals. Lasswell has made a model to clarify communication.

lasswell communication model

He asks 5 questions to analyse the communication channel: Who? Says what? In which channel? To whom? With what effect? Shannon added two more concepts: encoding and decoding a message. Encoding means that the messenger sends his message in some kind of form. Usually its the spoken language, but it can be written or nonverbal as well.  Decoding means the opposite, the receiver translates the encoded message in a certain meaning (of the message). This looks as follows:

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