How can you tell a guy likes you?

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If your asking if a guy likes you, here is a list with some pointers. These are some of the more subtle clues – keep your eyes open – you may have more guys flirting with you than you realize!!!

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Developing strong bodylanguage

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Gaining a confident look is not just about eliminating weak body language. Actually it’s more important to focus on developing traits that are attractive to women. So instead of being overly concerned with what you’re doing wrong, it’s often easier to concentrate on displaying a dominant social appearance with your body language.

If you study a strong male personality and his body language, you’ll notice how he demonstrates a number of qualities that make him attractive. Without saying a word, this guy tells women that he’s an interesting guy that they want to meet. In this section, we’re going to discuss 13 of these bodylanguage traits. These are the most important forms of non-verbal communication that send a powerful message to women.
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Displaying weak bodylanguage

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Getting rid of weak bodylanguage

We’ve all met someone who displays weak body language. He’s the guy who communicates the wrong message around women. This is someone who you meet and intuitively know that he’s not very good with women. He doesn’t have to say a word, but you’re already convinced that the ladies are not knocking down his door to date him. It’s not what he says, it’s how he acts!

On some level, you’ve picked up on his body language and gotten an uncomfortable vibe from being around him. In essence, his non-verbal communication is telling you that he does NOT have the confidence to attract many women.
We’re all different in how we display body language. Some can command a powerful presence. Others display the weak aura that’s naturally repulsive to a woman.

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Learn a woman’s body language

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One of the things that I am asked frequently is: “How do I read female body language?”

“How can I tell if she’s ‘into’ me?”

First of all, before I give you the inside detail on reading this area of physiology, I want to caution you that if you’re spending a lot of time “reading” into a woman’s appearance rather than creating the vibe of the interaction, you’re probably focusing on the wrong areas.

If a woman is interested in you, you should be able to figure this out by her overall interest in the conversation. If she is still there chatting with you, she’s at least a little interested.

Just don’t get caught up in the trap of interpreting female body language more than you try to CREATE the attraction proactively. Your role as an Alpha Man is to take control of the interaction and lead it where it needs to go.

Now, if you’re in the conversation with a woman, but you’re still a bit unclear about her interest level in you, or wondering if she’s just be trying to be polite, here are some things to watch for in female body language. Read more

Women’s bodylanguage

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The most basic and rewarding concept you can grasp is body language. This is the essence of the human world. It is how humans speaking two totally different languages can communicate. Body Language is Universal and can be used anywhere there is another human being.

So why body language is important to you and how you can use it. You can know everything that a woman is saying without saying a single word.
Yes body language is that perfect. You can literally have a full-blown conversation with someone without knowing. You pick up other humans body language without even knowing it. Your subconscious mind or shall we say your not yet fined tuned mind picks it up and uses it appropriately. Your goal that you are trying to get out of this Chapter is how to read and react to the signals that women are giving off.

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Flirting at work

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Attention to the first impression

You know: the first impression you make only once and usually its nonverbal, its about the impression you give of yourself. And that first impression is most important. The first impression determines whether someone will go with you. Its that easy. In a second or two, people form a picture of the other allowing them to decide whether the other is “worthwhile”.

The spotlight on you

This means that you really have to think about that first impression you make on people. What kind of clothes do you wear, how do you stand, how do you walk and how do you give people a hand? You don’t have to wear Armani suits to radiate success. This is mostly a matter of clothes that fit you well and give a certain flair. But if you’re far too thick, wear an old sweater that needs a washand wear a trouser that is a few sizes too large, you wont win people’s favors immediatelly. In other words: make sure your appearance fits your surroundings. And if you feel that wearing a tie doesnt fit you well, you might consider the question of whether you chose the right work environment. Read more

Recognize a woman that is single

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She flirts with you

Presumably, a woman is still single when she flirts with you or answers your flirts. Therefore it is important for a man to flirt with many women, it’s the first check! Obviously, with only this single signal check, her relation status is still uncertain, because women in a relationship also entail an exciting flirtation.

In fact, my experience is that enough women in a relationship like flirting with other men. And not because they want to have a secret lover or because they are unhappy with the relationship.

So why do these women actually flirt? The love relationship they currently have, gives them a sense of security and non-commitment, which makes it more comfortable to flirt. After all, they have an obvious excuse to retreat: “Sorry, I already have a partner”.

Nevertheless, your  succesful flirt with a woman can be seen as a signal that they are probably open to a romance. Read more

The science of flirting part 2

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Flirting is a nonverbal activity

Thanks to your body, you’ve come a long way: you’ve found someone you like and there are alot of types of substances raging through your body that make you feel good. But the real challenge is yet to come, because how can you show the other person how you feel about him or her? As mentioned before, the perfect opening line isnt helping you alot. The fact is that in your communication with others, only about 30% of the message is being communicated by spoken words (verbal communication). The remaining 70% of the message consists of nonverbal signals: body language.

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The science of flirting part 1

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The body has a dominant role in flirting.

With statements like ‘my heart beats faster when i see him or her’ and ‘i get butterflies in my stomach’ . Hormones and neurotransmitters put us on fire when we are in love, and body language appears crucial to hit on your new love.

Few people will say they are (were) not looking for the one true love. You also may have heard stories of those who almost tripped over their love of their life. Most of us are not as fortunate and need all the effort to get their future partner; the right clothes, the right scent and the right opening. Especially the latter receives much attention, as evidenced by the more than 57,000 hits that the word “opening” into Google yields. The number of hits to ‘pick up line’ goes over 45 million.

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Learn to read a girl’s bodylanguage part 1

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It takes some effort and time to learn to read a girl’s body language. Especially when you’re a guy, because its proven that women are better in observing social behaviour when men. Most men dont even notice the most basic nonverbal signs a girl sends out when communicating (sorry guys, but its scientifically proven). Since you read or heard that over 80% of a conversation consists of nonverbal signs and communication, you can figure out there is a whole new world to discover. The body language that is used during a conversation can tell you almost everything you need to know about that person. So some one who has learned to read body language will get loads more information and see the world from a much deeper perspective.
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