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Gaining a confident look is not just about eliminating weak body language. Actually it’s more important to focus on developing traits that are attractive to women. So instead of being overly concerned with what you’re doing wrong, it’s often easier to concentrate on displaying a dominant social appearance with your body language.

If you study a strong male personality and his body language, you’ll notice how he demonstrates a number of qualities that make him attractive. Without saying a word, this guy tells women that he’s an interesting guy that they want to meet. In this section, we’re going to discuss 13 of these bodylanguage traits. These are the most important forms of non-verbal communication that send a powerful message to women.

I. No Need to Please

The mark of a strong personality is the ability to avoid seeking the approval from others. Unlike most men, this guy has enough confidence to never display behaviors that indicate a low social standing. He concentrates on what he wants and doesn’t really concern himself with th ebehaviors of others. This is the essence of the “no need to please” attitude you should demonstrate in a social setting.

My advice is to always hold back on giving approval to a woman until she does something that warrants your attention. This shows the woman that you need to get to know her better, and that you aren’t too eager. As the conversation progresses you can you start to open up and adapt a more interested posture. You can demonstrate a no need to please attitude through your body language.

While you want to be fun and have high energy in an interaction, you don’t want to show that you’re overly interested in a girl. I’ve found you can quickly show this attitude (and buildsome serious sexual tension) by doing a little push-pull with your behavior. One minute you’re having fun and laughing. Then you’re serious when she says something that might “disqualify” her from your attention.

Here are some subtle ways to show this behavior with your body language:

  • Furrow your eyebrows
  • Look around as you’re talking
  • Give her a ‘not convinced’ expression
  • Keep a straight face
  • Lean away from her

Remember you are trying to appear nonchalant, not rude! You want to make her work a little for your attention, but not act in an insulting manner. No movements, a subtle lack of interest, and a straight posture are enough to keep her interested in winning your attention. This behavior should say that you are secure in your abilities and don’t have anything to prove. You’re indifferent to the outcome of this conversation. If this woman doesn’t to be with you, it’s no big deal. You are a man with options.


II. The Confident Look

There is a certain pose that typifies the essence of a confident man. In a social venue, it’s a way of standing that commands attention. Even when you’re not talking to woman, you should display this look. Here’s a quick breakdown of a confident pose:

  • Chest Out
  • Shoulders back
  • Head up
  • Feet shoulder length apart
  • Toes pointed straight ahead
  • Weight evenly distributed on both legs
  • Hands out of your pocket and at your side (or with a drink in your hand)
  • Eyes centered on the people in your group
  • Smiling and having fun

Furthermore, the confident guy is not afraid to take up alot of space. He spreads out and needs a lot of room to stand. Be like this guy by widening your stance. Anchor yourself to the ground and command your space! You don’t have to be physically large to have a big presence. Women are drawn to men who boldly assert themselves. The will not be attracted to men who withdraw and let others to intrude in his personal space.


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