Different intonations of the voice

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Often we dont actively listen or notice the tone of a person’s voice, but it has become so common, that we pay little attention to it. We are used that a person yells when he is mad, and talks softly when he is ashamed. With the intonation of your voice you can give a spoken message more strenght, or the opposite, weaken it down.

When you want to learn to read bodylanguage, there are alot of factors you can use to come to a better judgement. Ok, the tone of the voice is verbal meaning you can hear it, but the purpose the tone serves, is often not discussed or mentioned, and therefor you can call it nonverbal as wel.

There are alot of ways you can use your voice, this can be a very good indicator and helps alot to read and understand certain social situations.

Different intonations of the voice

When you want to make a statement, you speak more firmly than for example in a situation where you need to do a ‘bad news’ conversation. For you as an observer of a social situation, you can get alot of information out of the uses of the voices, and very often, you can get an idea of the social status of the people involved. For example, it is not very likely a secretary will yell at her boss.

So there is alot of different intonations of the voice, and situations where you use it. Try to become aware of your own intonations during a day, and im sure you will learn alot more about this subject, just by listening and observing yourself and the ones around you on a ordinary day. The way people speak to you in a store or at work, or the conversations with your family members.

Uses for the different intonations

You can use the sound of your voice to call to an action, or to manipulate a conversation or person. For example, when you talk to an agitated person, and you stay perfectly calm and use a very calm tone of your voice, you will notice you will calm down the agitated person as wel. Or the situation where you want to talk to a number of people, but you cant get throu the rumor in the room. When you just start talking, and use a calm tone, the rumor wil die, and people start to listen. So there is no need to stand on your head or start throwing with stuff to get their attenttion.

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