How to act to look busy at work

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Non verbal communication can be used at your benefit at aswell. For example when your working, you can give people a whole other impression of yourself when you use your body language in the right way. If your having a bad day, or just wanna relax a bit from the daily stress, here are a few tips to give the idea to others that your very busy.


Make sure your desk is full.

People tend to keep their office desk clean. It sure looks nice when people enter your office and you got it clean and tidy. But if your desk would be full of books, papers and memo’s you give people a whole other impression. If your desk is full, it gives the idea that your very busy working on something.

And make sure the door of your office is open, so people can see your full desk.

Work longer than required and/or in weekends

I bet alot of you ever got an email from a collegue or boss sent in the evening hours or weekend. Can you remember what the first thing was that crossed your mind? It was something like: ‘Wow, he even works in the weekend, he must be a busy man’.

But you dont know that he only logged in on a lazy sunday morning and sent some emails, and then went offline again to enjoy his tasty brunch together with his girlfriend.

And make sure to work longer than your collegues on working days. Even if its only 5 minutes longer and you wave the last collegue goodbye. The important thing here is that your collegues see that your working longer then required, so you must love your job or your working very hard on something. And if you work longer than your need, make sure you greet alot of people when you leave, so collegues actually see that you worked longer than needed.

Make sure you mail alot

Mail you collegues, just keep mailing them about everything. Mail them to make an appointment to discuss over a project, remind them of a meeting, ask a collegue for advice and so on.

That way people see your name alot, and you must be a busy man, otherwise you wouldnt mail so much

Have lunch at your desk in stead of the cafetaria

Maybe other people have time to take 30 minutes or longer to eat their lunch, but if you wanna show that your busy, one of the easiest things to do is to eat behind your desk, preferrably watching your computer.

Show signs of stress

Give the impression that your busy, like walking faster than needed in the hallway, be a little late when you got a meeting. And apologise for being late, but your so busy you forgot about the time… Just a few minutes are enough here, but make sure most people are already inside.


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