Interpersonal attraction

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Interpersonal attraction between two persons has different levels. You can feel attracted (or feel sympathy to use another word) to a person, but dont feel love for him or her, but you like the person and maybe a friendship grows out of it.

When you find some one attractive, you will show it in your non verbal behaviour and communication. You look more at him or her when you conversate, your pupils get enlarged, your posture and gestures are focused more on him or her. You can tell if people are attracted to each other when they talk to each other by watching their bodylanguage. When they find each other attractive, their legs and bodies are pointed to another. It even happens that they exclude other people in their surroundings from their conversation.

Interpersonal attraction plays a big role in groups of people as well. Some people are fun to have contact with, their share the same interests or you like to play tennis with them.

In alot of aspects the persons you are friends with look like the person you are in love with. Friends and lovers have equal friends and can have the same thoughts and ideas or have the same interests. But more important, you feel at ease with this person. There is something in their behaviour that you like, the nonverbal signs you receive,often you dont even notice them, are alright.

Sympathy and love are two different processes. Sympathy is a positive characteristic you feel for a person. You respect that person, but love has 3 other features:

  • affection and attachment
  • mutual care
  • intimacy


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