The intonation of a voice tells alot about a person

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The tone or intonation of your voice is an important part of the body language. Not the words your pronounce, but the way you do it can tell alot about some one’s personality. And like body language, alot of people arent aware that their voice gives away alot of information.

Can you judge a person only by hearing their voice?

You all know the example of hearing a person for the first time on the telephone. Automatically you make an image of that person in your head, based on the voice you hear. If the person is a fast talker, then you see that person as self confident, because he isnt afraid to speak and knows to articulate well. Opposite of that is a person you really need to focus to hear them well, because they speak with a soft voice. In this case the person gives a shy, maybe scared impression.

And often you can hear in a voice from what social class some one is originated, if its a man or a woman and the age of the person. What vocabulary does a person use, is he a good conversator and so on. These are all clues you get when listening to a voice. There has been a study which states that it only takes 10 seconds to judge some one by their voice alone.

The voice is a good indicator

The facial expression gives the most nonverbal clues, but the sound of the voice is a good second. The intonation of a voice tells you if somebody is happy, sad, angry, frustrated and so on. And sometimes it’s a better indicator than the signs given from the body language. For example, you can hear in somebody’s voice if he is about to cry, and physically that is harder to spot than to listen to the sound of the voice


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