Laughing and smiling in commercials

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In commercials, you always see people laughing. This is done for a reason: the more a person smiles, the more atractive the person becomes, and the more attractive the product becomes that is presented in the commercial.

Smiling people sell better, thats an old saying in the creation of commercials. The faces on the covers on the magazines in the kiosks look with a laughing face at the costumers, trying to get their attention. A human face plus a laugh is an old sales trick. Even the classical music industry uses this rule. On cd covers of classical music cd’s and dvd’s we often see a singer or conductor smiling.

And it has been used for a long time in the history of commercials, like this commercial from Coca Cola from 1939.

coca cola smile commercial

A person holding several Coca Cola bottles and smiling, that gives a positive signal to the consumer, like it is trying to say: ‘ Drink Coca Cola and become happier’

smile in commercial


Non smiling in commercials gives nonverbal signals as wel

In pictures that are made for commercials for fashion and fashion items is a smile rare. The faces in these pictures often look serious, mad or elevated.

serious look in commercial

In this picture, the girl looks serious. The idea behind is that a beautiful picture sells a product. Another point is that the faces in fashion commercials have to spread a certain status. When e person smiles, it often gives a feeling of equality, but here they try to give an exhalted feeling, making the model in the picture look serious, and sending a nonverbal sign or feeling that she feels better than the ‘normal’ person, who doesnt use this product.


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