Learn to read a girl’s bodylanguage part 2

July 18, 2011 by
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So what do i need to pay attention to when observing a girl’s body language?

When you first start with learning to read bodylanguage, it is good to know that there are two sorts of body language: an open and a close one. You can see open body language (or gestures) when a girl is interested or attracted to another person, and closed body language are signs that she isnt interested. And it isnt the case of one or the other, this may change in the course of a conversation. Maybe a girl you meet doesnt pay any attention to you in the first place and she will display closed body language gestures. But as time passes, she might change her mind when she starts noticing you and reveal open body language gestures. It is a nice mirror for your own behaviour as well: in what situations do you notice open gestures in a girl’s body language and when are they closed?

If you want to become a decent body language reader, you will need to learn to recognize the most common open and closed gestures and use that information in your advantage. And it is important to know that there are more factors in play. Look at yourself: when you had a bad night sleep, you might not be as happy and spontanious when you meet a nice girl. And for girls its the same story. Maybe she just had a setback before she met you and therefor showing more closed than open body language gestures.

It is also posible that you meet a shy girl, and shy people automatically put up a barrier between you and them by displaying closed gestures, just because it is their natural defence mechanism. If you can recognize these signs of closed body language, and you develop the ablility of breaking these barriers down, you can call yourself a true expert.


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