The science of flirting part 1

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The body has a dominant role in flirting.

With statements like ‘my heart beats faster when i see him or her’ and ‘i get butterflies in my stomach’ . Hormones and neurotransmitters put us on fire when we are in love, and body language appears crucial to hit on your new love.

Few people will say they are (were) not looking for the one true love. You also may have heard stories of those who almost tripped over their love of their life. Most of us are not as fortunate and need all the effort to get their future partner; the right clothes, the right scent and the right opening. Especially the latter receives much attention, as evidenced by the more than 57,000 hits that the word “opening” into Google yields. The number of hits to ‘pick up line’ goes over 45 million.

So thats very important, is it not? Science teaches us that what you say is not that important when flirting with someone you like. Your body does the actual work: internally by a combination of hormones and neurotransmitters and externally through your body. So forget lines like: “you come here often?” and “you happen to know what time it is?” And trust your body to flirt with the person when the butterflies in your stomach appear.

Someone to flirt with

Before you can even start flirting, you obviously need someone who you find worthwhile. Nobody thinks thats everyone is attractive and flirting with someone you do not find attractive, is not enjoyable. It seems we have many conscious reasons for someone we may or may not find attractive. When asked for, you can probably also explain what type you fall for: dark or blond, tall or small, thick or thin. But do you know why?

Sexologist John Money also questioned himself. According to him we form our taste of what we like all of our youth. From our eighth year we start a sort of unconscious mental blueprint of what we are going to find attractive on later age. This blueprint consists of various elements in our environment: the fun expression in the eyes of our neighbor, your aunt’s smile, the sense of humor your mother. All these impressions leave their traces in the cortex and form a kind of “love map” for later. If you meet someone who fulfills your mental blueprint, there is great probability that this will be the person you find attractive.

Choosing with you nose

But still you’re not there yet. Even your nose plays an important role in the selection process of your future partner. Besides the smell of smells, your nose is also responsible for registering pheromones. Pheromones are a type of hormones that every human excretes through the sweat glands, especially in the armpits and the genitals. They are odorless, and captured by a special organ in the nose – the vomeronasal organ. Pheromones are a kind of sexual lure and catching them can trigger reproductive behavior. So if you perceive a lot of pheromones are you more likely to seduce someone. It does not sound very romantic, but it is effective.

How important and powerful pheromones is illustrated by the following experiment. During eight weeks 38 men were accurately tracked in how often they hugged and had sex. Half of these men had a normal cologne, the other half were sitting in pheromone cologne. And the outcome? The men who used cologne with pheromones were sexually more active than the men without the special after-shave.



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