Whats the use for a baby to learn nonverbal communication?

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Maybe your baby cant speak yet, it can make alot of it needs clear to you with nonverbal language. Gestures are a form of communicating they know very well.

The average child start to speak its first words between the 13th and 18th month, but the communication starts alot earlier. Crying is a form of communication, but rubbing its eyes and sucking on its hands counts as communication as well. With a bit of experience you may tell what your baby is trying to make clear to you. Is it hungry or tired? The older a child gets, the more needs it gets. In stead of only communicating when its tired or hungry, it will try to make clear what kind of food it prefers or with what materials it wishes to play.

Obvious signs

You will learn your child some nonverbal gestures withtout even noticing it, like waving when you leave, nodding when you agree and applauding when saying ‘way to go!’. Your baby will start copying these gestures, since it can relate the nonverbal gestures with the spoken language. And how older your baby or child becomes, the easier it will learn.

Whats the use for a baby learning nonverbal signs?

In the first few years, children cant communicate that well using verbal language, so the nonverbal language is a welcome addition for them. Since they are great at copying our behaviour and gestures, they will learn very fast and it makes the communication alot easier. For example the gestures we use to make clear that we want to drink, we bring an imaginary glass to our mouth and this gesture is known all over the world. So for parents it can be very restful if they can use certain gestures to make themselves clear to their children, or opposite, the child can make itself clear to its parents.

Learning more gestures

You can make up your own gestures, but their are also alot of books and courses available in this area. Some gestures differ from country to country, but most nonverbal gestures are universal, since the gestures we make are the same (for example when drinking or eating)

Going from gestures to spoken language

Some parents arent too happy to learn their baby gestures in nonverbal language, because they are scared the baby wont find it interesting enough to learn to talk since it knows to communicate already. But there is no need to be scared for this, since it is proven that children who use nonverbal signs alot, learn to talk better and at a younger age. Nonverbal communication is communication as well, so the child learn to communicate with the world at a younger age, even when its nonverbal.


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