What colors tell about a person

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Colors are every where. And colors and emotions are closely connected with each other. So the colors a person uses in, for example, their clothing, send alot nonverbal signals about that person, and gives you loads of information, if you know how to read these non verbal signs. There are numerous researches about colors in the interiors of houses and buildings, but you can easily take this info and mirror it on people as wel. A small example: gothic people often wear black clothes, and its not without reason.

With this article i hope to give you a better insight for the colors around you and people using them. Thou the effect of colors is dependant of the age as wel: children and adults react different at the colors in their surroundings.

A theory states that an introvert person paints his walls in his house beige and sand colored. People who can easily get depressed use more depressing colors like dark brown and black, because they feel more at ease with these colors. And ambitious and extravert people use brighter colors like yellow and orange.

It is not sure that these are universal laws, but the use of colors can create a certain atmosphere. And every color has a specific meaning.

Non verbal signs and atmosphere created by using colors

Green, and especially a soft color of green gives a sign of relaxation. Research has shown that the color green contributes to a steady heartbeat, and for these reasons, you see the color green being used alot in hospitals.

Yellow gives a friendly atmosphere, and is therefor used for people who feel down or easily depressed.

Red gives a feeling that action needs to be taken, so its not smart to use this in a bedroom, especially when that person has trouble sleeping as wel.




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