Belbin Team Roles – the Plant

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Dominant, very high intelligence and often introverted. The man with the sudden ideas. ‘Implanted’ in quiet teams to generate creativity: he makes the new openings. A Plant calls resistances due to lack of practical sense and his critical attitude towards ‘stupidity’.

The Plant is the innovator, the inventor. The creative thinker, whose ideas and alternatives are distinguished by originality and imagination. He is looking for space to fantasize, to develop strategies and scenarios for the future design and constantly surprising new solutions to old problems.

The Plant is introverted and stubborn. He prefers his own solutions and prefers working at some distance from the team. He puts a lot of energy into his creations, and sometimes lose sight of reality, so his ideas as an eccentric, radical or impractical to happen.

The plant is very sensitive to criticism and appreciation. There is sometimes a separate manual needed to make this talent in a team to get to bloom.


Try to avoid:

Wants to show his abilities on too much or made-up areas, the creative efforts will no longer fall in the needs of the team

Can be offended quite easily when the ideas are scrutinized

Can get the feeling of being slowed down to come with new ideas, especially in a group of extroverted and dominant character types.


A plant can be a constant source of inspiration. He generates ideas and alternatives and come up with possible solutions to complex problems. He brings vision and dreams.

A Plant is especially important in the initial phase of a project or as a creator of a new product. But even if (internal or external) consultant he good to his right. Often a plant in a team enough. If there are more, there is a chance that all the energy absorbed in fighting each other’s ideas.


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