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Getting rid of weak bodylanguage

We’ve all met someone who displays weak body language. He’s the guy who communicates the wrong message around women. This is someone who you meet and intuitively know that he’s not very good with women. He doesn’t have to say a word, but you’re already convinced that the ladies are not knocking down his door to date him. It’s not what he says, it’s how he acts!

On some level, you’ve picked up on his body language and gotten an uncomfortable vibe from being around him. In essence, his non-verbal communication is telling you that he does NOT have the confidence to attract many women.
We’re all different in how we display body language. Some can command a powerful presence. Others display the weak aura that’s naturally repulsive to a woman.

The important thing is to identify the parts of your bodylanguage that’s sending the wrong message. Then once you’ve identified these problem areas, you have to actively work on eliminating these self-defeating mannerisms. Women can instantly spot a guy with low self-esteem.

The Low Status Males of the world exhibit very specific bodylanguage. To improve your non verbal communication, you have to find out if you’re guilty of demonstrating any of these qualities. In this article we discuss 7 major bodylanguage habits which often annoy or repulse women:

1 – Leaning In

Leaning towards a person is one of the quickest ways to demonstrate a submissive attitude. It’s similar to when a dog rolls on his back and shows you his stomach. When you lean into a person, you’re surrendering your power and subconsciously giving an indicator that he or she has higher social status.

When it comes to women, you have to approach with the mindset that you have an equal or superior social standing. By leaning in, you’re sending the message that this woman has a higher status than you. It basically says: “You are the leader in this interaction and what you have to say is more important then anything that comes out of my mouth…”

What you need to do is adapt a very relaxed posture. Infact, I recommend you lean away from the person you’re talking to. This is a subtle way to signify you’re comfortable with the encounter, and you’re not very concerned with the outcome.

Now if you’re having trouble with hearing a woman, simply speak louder. By talking in a commanding voice, you communicate that you’re a confident guy who is used to people listening to him.

2 – Awkward Touching

The way you touch a woman can make or break an interaction. A guy with weak body language often touch women in a way that sends a “skeevy, creepy” message. Instead of attracting a woman, his touch will actually make her feel uncomfortable. Awkward touching should be avoided at all costs. While it’s important to touch women to build sexual tension, you should do it in a way where it’s a natural part of a conversation. So never touch her in a way that’ll make her feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

When you touch a woman, it should be in the right way and at the right time. This means never touching her unless in a nervous or hesitant manner. If you’re establishing physical contact like you’re
asking for her permission, then she’ll subconsciously pick up on this vibe. So assert yourself, look for an opening, and be deliberate.One of the best ways to touch a woman is to make it partof the conversation. When you first meet her, you should have high energy and talk about fun topics.

With this mindset, you’re going to create a lot of sexual tension.When you go to touch her, it should be come from a natural extension of the conversation. At first this will be light touching on the arm
to make a point or a quick ‘highfive’.

Later on, you’ll touch in a more dominant manner like hugging and throwing your arm around her. The important thing to remember about touching is that it should be done from a place of high social status. Act like you’re comfortable around women and you’ll deliver a powerful vibe. When touching a woman, it’s important to closely observe her reaction. If she seems uncomfortable, then this is a clear indicator that you’re going to fast, and you should slow it down a notch, until you get the nonverbal messages that she feels more comfortable. Use your touch to calibrate her level of interest. Not as a way to grope or make her feel uneasy.


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