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Attention to the first impression

You know: the first impression you make only once and usually its nonverbal, its about the impression you give of yourself. And that first impression is most important. The first impression determines whether someone will go with you. Its that easy. In a second or two, people form a picture of the other allowing them to decide whether the other is “worthwhile”.

The spotlight on you

This means that you really have to think about that first impression you make on people. What kind of clothes do you wear, how do you stand, how do you walk and how do you give people a hand? You don’t have to wear Armani suits to radiate success. This is mostly a matter of clothes that fit you well and give a certain flair. But if you’re far too thick, wear an old sweater that needs a washand wear a trouser that is a few sizes too large, you wont win people’s favors immediatelly. In other words: make sure your appearance fits your surroundings. And if you feel that wearing a tie doesnt fit you well, you might consider the question of whether you chose the right work environment.

The smile

You wont get a course in smiling. But on the other hand such a course would be invaluable for some people. But those who can conjure a radiant smile, you know, some real sincere heartfelt upward movement of the mouth associated with the larger eyes and a slight bow of the eyebrows, that someone can be too thick, wear an old, too big sweater and wear way too long shorts and yet people wim people for themselves immediately.

The smile is the beginning of any successful relationship. Whether that relationship aims at a stormy love, a good project or a repaired boiler. Who smiles always has an edge. Who smiles feel more positive and reflect well off.

Your attitude

What a smile, goes in a sense for your attitude. Make sure you have the shoulders back, abdomen slightly inwards and the back straight. Also be sure you meet the person who really looks at you and taking your head straight. You radiate calm and confident. You get the kind attention you deserve.

And the best: if you are unsure of yourself you can do this part of the meeting just practice. Front of the mirror.

Spotlight on the other

What do you look for when you meet someone? Like everyone else, have you already finished bias when you see someone. You can change that bias, and it will be something of “nice / not nice ‘,’ beautiful / not beautiful ‘,’ interesting / boring ‘,’ important for me / unimportant to me.” Of course, this checklist depends on the situation.
When you meet someone at a party in the private sphere, you look at other things than when you meet someone during your work. The trick is to be aware that you fill in the checklist based on a person’s appearance. And of course you have knowledge of people, but making a checklist in such a short time is nonsense.

Thats why you want to know more of the other. That starts with looking. Try to remember after each meeting what the color of their eyes are. That forces you to really look at someone. And that may take quite a bit longer than you are inclined. If you really just look at someone, that other person wont mind it, they may even find it nice, since they get noticed.

The first sentence

“Not easy eh, eating a snack and holding a glass at the same timed? ‘Flirt Guru’s recommend when you start talking to a stranger to use a closed question. That is a question that you can answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. “A good story, dont you think?”
The first sentence does not really matter. That’s a ritual. Just fish. Just to check if the other partner is not waiting to leave. Just to find out if the other person wants to do this interview. Because if he or she wont, he will respond with “Yes, indeed quite a hassle. But I see an old colleague. Goodbye.” Too bad for him. There are twenty other interesting people.

And with a bit of luck, you’ve got one! The other replies: “They would have to organize a workshop. They can easily gain € 1,000 for a half day. “He knows no one either and he has come here for the networking, just like you.

An introduction is also working

Put effort in the acquaintance. At private parties “What kind of work are you in?” is not always a happy opening. But we are talking about business flirting. So you can just ask what someone does for a living, where he works or why he was there. Pay attention to what he says. If someone talks about the company he works for, do you know what they do. If someone talks about why he is at this lecture, you want to know more about his ambitions and his achievements. And when there is a click, you want to know more about his training and background. But you may better not ask about his wife or kids. Besides, nowadays people tell very quickly about the soccer performance of their youngest son or the youngest daughter on the ballet school. Grab any chance to hear more about this.

What matters in the introductory is your checklist. You had a hypothesis. Is that corrrect so far? It may not sound nice but certainly with networking drinks and receptions it is kind of important that you meet people who in one way or another are interesting to you. Those people can be potential clients but also people who can tell you more about a company you want to come inside. Or just someone who has a story that you want to hear. These occasions are a form of speed dating. And in those few minutes, you look for a match. What you have in common?


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