Learn to read a girl’s bodylanguage part 1

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It takes some effort and time to learn to read a girl’s body language. Especially when you’re a guy, because its proven that women are better in observing social behaviour when men. Most men dont even notice the most basic nonverbal signs a girl sends out when communicating (sorry guys, but its scientifically proven). Since you read or heard that over 80% of a conversation consists of nonverbal signs and communication, you can figure out there is a whole new world to discover. The body language that is used during a conversation can tell you almost everything you need to know about that person. So some one who has learned to read body language will get loads more information and see the world from a much deeper perspective.

It is not possible not to use body language, or nonverbal signs, so you can always rely on it, for example when you try to seduce a nice girl. The biggest part of body language signs are done automatically and without thinking, like blushing, so there are always easy signals to pick up when conversating and observing another person. And even if they want to control their body language to prevent giving away signs, there are always nonverbal signs to pick up, because it is extremely rare since it requires the woman to have in-depth knowledge of controlling her own body language.

The trick of reading a girl’s body language signals

It is not easy to learn body language, and first you’ll need to learn and recognize the different signals a girls sends with her bodylanguage, and what they mean. When you have managed that, you can use the information in your benefit. And believe me, it will give you more benefits then you can imagine!

And for your comfort: there are multiple layers of reading body language. There are open and clear signals that every one can pick up, like when a girl smiles at you, there is a big chance she likes you. When she is constantly looking at other thing then you when your talking to her, there is a big chance she doenst like you too much. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to know this.

And practise, practise, practise! It is nice to read this articles involving body language and nonverbal communication, and there is tons of information to find on the internet. But if you really want to learn body language and its signals, you’ll need to hit the streets and start observing people.

If you meet a nice girl and you feel too insecure to even look at her, you can have an academic degree in body language, but it wont get you anywhere.

And it takes times to master, but once you’ve managed to learn the basics, you will see the advantages it brings with it, and it becomes even more fun to learn. It wont only help you in your love life, but reading body language will help you in alot of other aspects of life.

The beauty of body language

Body language is the most honest indicator you will ever see. Bodylanguage signs show exactly what people are truly feeling at the time and they are our body’s way of subconsciously saying the things that we are thinking but would never say aloud. So if you ever thought of reading another person’s mind, reading bodylanguage is the only skill known to man that can actually tell you exactly how others are feeling, and in your case, how a particular woman feels about you. Not exactly mind reading, but it is a closest thing to it that actually works out in the real world. Everything else is nothing more than science fiction.


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