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It can be really hard to understand a baby. They cant express themselves by language yet since they haven learned any words yet. And for strangers its really hard to understand what a baby really wants. If your a mother, you’ll learn the bodylanguage of your baby very quick, but for the other family members it can be frustrating not to understand what your baby means. And a baby sit often doenst have a clue at all.

Most people think babies can only express themselves by crying. When they need something, like food or a drink, or when they feel pain or tired, sometimes it seems that all a baby can do is cry. But this isnt true at all, a baby has many ways to communicate its needs, you just need to pick up the signals.

To start with the most common, the crying. Pay attention next time you are together with a baby, there are many ways of crying. They can really whine, or just sob quietly. They can be very energetic in their gestures and behaviour, turn their head away from you or the opposite, keep looking at you, often with a smile on their face.

This all seem very easy signs to pick up, and in fact they are, but usually the mother is having alot of time with her baby, so she will pick and read the signals first. But most mothers can explain alot of the body language that is used by their baby.

But if your not a mother, there is a good chance your knowledge of baby body language isnt very big. Therefor you cant judge if the baby is hungry or tired, and then its hard to set up an action. Here is some tips:

How do you know if the baby is feeling sleepy?

  • it gets red cheeks or ears
  • the baby starts yawning
  • it becomes a little pale in its face
  • it starts playing with its ears
  • the baby is rubbing his eyes
  • it doesnt make eye contact anymore
  • the baby starts crying

If you think the baby is sending ‘sleep signals’, you can put it down in its box to see if your right about the sleep signals. You can put down some toys on on hand of the box, and if the baby turns away from it, there is a big chance the baby is sleepy.

When is the baby hungry?

  • it will make little chewing sounds
  • it will start licking its hands
  • the baby will lick its lips
  • it will make little sucking movements with its tongue
  • it will turn its head

These signals described will mostly be seen with babies that are well rested. If a baby is tired, usually all it does it cry, and its hard to judge the body language that is sent. Therefor it is important that you avoid the baby come overtired.


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