A guy’s bodylanguage is harder to understand

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As you may know, men arent too good in┬áspeaking about their feelings. Usually you can notice a (slight) difference in their behaviour, but its very hard to find out what its about. Especially when you got the idea that their is something on their mind, you ask for it and get the same answer over and over: ‘what do you mean, I feel fine, its nothing’. And I agree, men arent the easiest to be around with if you consider the ‘talk about feelings’ area. Therefor its a good thing we have body language to decypher what is going on in their minds, because bodylanguage reveals alot more then you would imagine.

He doesnt like you (anymore)

If a man talks about the thinks he likes about girls in general, and not specifically, there is a big chance he doesnt like you. Or when you ask if you can meet again, his eyes go to his watch and he replies like: ‘Yes, we should’. This usually means that he cant keep his promiss on that.

Or when he gently pats you on the back, this really mean something like: ‘I try to be intimate, but i rather keep you on a safe distance’.

He is lying

When is rubbing his nose, ear or hands alot when he is speaking with you, thats an indicator that he is lying. He will try not to make eye contact and cover his mouth. The bigger the movements are, the greater the chance that he is lying and the bigger the lie is.

He is insecure

If he is insecure, he will only look at you from the corner of his eyes, and he will look away kinda quickly, since he is afraid to make eye contact with you. Often he will take with a low voice or he will be difficult to hear.

He doesnt want you to see that he is nervous, so if his hands are shaking or he is playing with his fingers or fingernails, he will try to hide his hands by sitting on them, keep them under the desk or his sweater.

He is in love with you

If he is in love with you, but he is too afraid to tell you, there a some signs of bodylanguage that can reveal the truth.

He will try to keep close to you, laugh at your jokes as one of the first and he will watch your reaction when he tells something funny. And he will try to make physical contact, by poking you ‘by accident’ or put his arm around you when he gets the chance


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