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She flirts with you

Presumably, a woman is still single when she flirts with you or answers your flirts. Therefore it is important for a man to flirt with many women, it’s the first check! Obviously, with only this single signal check, her relation status is still uncertain, because women in a relationship also entail an exciting flirtation.

In fact, my experience is that enough women in a relationship like flirting with other men. And not because they want to have a secret lover or because they are unhappy with the relationship.

So why do these women actually flirt? The love relationship they currently have, gives them a sense of security and non-commitment, which makes it more comfortable to flirt. After all, they have an obvious excuse to retreat: “Sorry, I already have a partner”.

Nevertheless, your  succesful flirt with a woman can be seen as a signal that they are probably open to a romance.

She reacts enthusiastically on your initiative

A passive man will linger indefinitely. He keeps himself busy with the question: is she single or not? He looks for the safe route. Why? He does not want to crash and burn! His clumpsy approach makes his attempts at picking up women little succesfull. He finds out that she was single, when another man wins her because he was quicker in his approach. And then it’s too late.

A tedious task! Therefore, I recommend men to women strongly invite to a first date. It makes you cautious approach in the ‘friends zone’ ends. She goes on or in your invitations, but not because she sees you as a potential love partner.

Turn not to the hot work back before you know it you have three or more dates around the back and you’re still guessing about her status. Invite her out for a date CLEAR!

Is she not daring to your invitation and / or no enthusiasm, then they probably have a relationship or is not open to be conquered. Too bad, but good that you already know.

Especially the enthusiasm is important. Single women who are open to men are happy when they are invited. Do not accept a non-enthusiastic woman, why would you?

Even when she discusses your invitation, they do not have to be single. Women in relationships are sometimes difficult to say no to a nice man. It is the temptation, the forbidden fruit.

Therefore, the third check is important to do.


She doesn’t talk about a partner

During the first date, you can quickly get to know a woman. Ask questions, be curious, listen up. For a woman in a relationship when it speaks well of her friend.

Obviously, because he plays an important role in her life. Even if they are not happy with him, she will say something about a partner.

Dare also about relationships and sex talk. Thus, it is more likely to have a partner to talk if they actually have.




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