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You might be wondering how you can get started with improving your non-verbal communication. That’s why in this section we’re going to cover the three major areas where I see many guys make mistakes. If you have trouble with demonstrating a high status personality, then I recommend you first work on these areas. You’ll find that  making a few simple adjustments can have an immediate improvement to the signals thatyou’re sending women…

#1 – Your Hands & Arms

Ever feel like you don’t know what to do with your hands?

This is problem that almost everyone has at some point. You want to keep them in a comfortable position, but you also want to avoid putting them in your pockets. The simple truth is the position of your hands is important tohow a woman perceives you. A guy with his hands in a dominant position can easily show a confident demeanor. So first off, keep your mitts out of your pockets. When you place your hands in your pockets, it’s a subconscious signal that you’re uncomfortable in social situations. This is a quick way to demonstrate a low status attitude to women. To fix this problem, I recommend you place your hands in the following areas:

  • At your side
  • In front of you and part of the conversation
  • With a drink in your hand
  • Or if all else fails…
  • Hooked into the front belt loop or over your belt buckle, fingers splayed and pointed towards your crotch. (This is the stance of a guy confident enough to demonstrate sexuality)

There’s another critical ingredient to where you should places your hands. You never want to position in a way that has your arms folded across your chest. This is probably the most common way of showing discomfort and unease. Almost every person in the world knows that a person with arms folded is uncomfortable or bored.

Folding your arms across your chest is one of those little, but crucial body language mannerisms that can hurt your success. If you want instant improvement with women, then I suggest you actively monitor your behavior and see if you’re folding your arms across your chest. If you find that you’re doing it, then immediately stop! If you have to, put an item in each hand, so there’s no way you can fold your arms.

#2 – Your Facial Expressions

As I discussed in the previous section, a lot of guys go through the world with a sullen expression on their face. While they might be having fun, they’re not showing this attitude to the people around them. A frown (or lack of expression) basically tells people that you’re not a fun person worth knowing. A smile can have an amazing effect
on people. This positive facial expression can send a powerful message to the people you meet.

It tells them that you’re happy to see them and you’re enjoying yourself. At the right time, a smile can make someone feel special. This is an emotion that you want to create everywhere you go. My suggestion is to practice smiling at every person you meet. This includes friends, co-workers, strangers, and even the cashier at your local  McDonalds!

While you might think this is easy, it’s actually a lot harder then you would think. Most people aren’t used to smiling at strangers. But I promise that giving a smile to everyone you see can dramatically improve the way others treat you! A dazzling smile is probably the best way to attract awoman. If you don’t smile naturally, take the time to practice it. It’s an incredible tool that can be your secret weapon. By following this recommendation, you’ll develop the habit of smiling as a reflex every time you approach a woman.

Finally, I want to quickly discuss one of the ‘sticking points’ when it comes to smiling. Some guys have physical problems with their mouth (like stains on their teeth or bad breath) so they avoid smiling.

In my opinion, there’s no excuse for not smiling. If you have a ‘busted grill’, then do something about it! Brush 2-3 times a day, floss and regularly use breath mints. If you have permanent damage to your teeth, then go to a dentist. Never let an easily fixable problem prevent you from attracting a woman.

#3 – Your Eye Contact

The eye contact you establish with people delivers a powerful message. It can tell someone that you’re either a dominant or submissive person. And since we’re focusing on developing a Superior Alpha Male personality, you want a woman to see you as a dominant guy!

As we’ve discussed, eye contact is different with each gender. With guys, a lengthy gaze is often seen as a challenge. While I recommend you make strong eyecontact with every one you meet, you don’t want to start a fight. I suggest you make eye contact with men, but don’t do it to the point where you get your ass kicked. With women, you want to establish dominant eyecontact. A simple strategy that I suggest is you look ather eyes about 1 second longer then what’s normally socially acceptable. You’ll notice that this technique can actually have an amazing affect on how you’ll be perceived by females. Strong eye contact is one of the ways to demonstrate a sexually confident attitude.

With the right kind of gaze, many women will be intrigued by your boldness and will give you an opening to approach them. Now if you have problems with lowering your eyes whenever you meet someone’s gaze, then I recommend you try this simple exercise:

Spend one day making eyecontact with every woman you encounter. Do what I suggested before and hold it just a little bit longer then most guys would. When you do this enough, you’ll train yourself to give women a powerful gaze!


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