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The most basic and rewarding concept you can grasp is body language. This is the essence of the human world. It is how humans speaking two totally different languages can communicate. Body Language is Universal and can be used anywhere there is another human being.

So why body language is important to you and how you can use it. You can know everything that a woman is saying without saying a single word.
Yes body language is that perfect. You can literally have a full-blown conversation with someone without knowing. You pick up other humans body language without even knowing it. Your subconscious mind or shall we say your not yet fined tuned mind picks it up and uses it appropriately. Your goal that you are trying to get out of this Chapter is how to read and react to the signals that women are giving off.

Basics Body Language Showing That She Is Interested

1. The number one and most important, yet so simple piece of body language that is available to you is the Smile. The Smile is the most basic way of speaking to another human being without saying a word.

What this means for you. If you are having a conversation with and you are not really sure how it is going well just check if she is smiling during the conversation. If she is then she is somewhat interested and it is your cue to keep up the hard work.

2. Have you ever heard the saying the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Well this is one way to put it but if you want to look more deeply into you will realize that eyes give off a lot more then they intend to. For instance when you are having a great conversation with a women pay close attention to the pupils of her eye. This can tell you a lot. Her pupils will gradually change to bigger and bigger if she is interested in you.

Don’t just expect a big jump though. She won’t turn all frog eyed on you. Give it time and after a couple of minutes you may notice that her pupils are getting gradually bigger.

3. Finally the did give away. When did I become so damn funny. This is sure way of telling if she is interested in you or not. She will start to laugh at everything you say. Not only are you suddenly funny now but your confidence will start to go way up.

So you have some basic tools added into your arsenal now. Well that’s great. You must learn to use them properly though. Which can be a difficult process in itself.



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